The Technical Office is organized in such a way as to guarantee the presence of a manager on each production line, capable of operating independently and in real time on all the work orders in progress. All the managers however remain under the guidance of the owners that are present within the company.

The Sales Office is based in Fossano. The office is responsible for directing the numerous agents that are to be found throughout Italy and abroad. The main responsibility of this office is not only that of proposing sales terms or new product ranges, but above-all that of providing a highly qualified pre and post sales service.
Given the dynamic nature of Pieffe and its excellent executive and operational base, future forecasts in terms of quality and number cannot but be optimistic. It is thanks to this strategy that Pieffe is the company with the largest number of employees in its field and one of the leading companies on the Community market.

Aimed at ongoing expansion Pieffe is every year present in the leading national and international trade fairs in order to exhibit its products.


Pieffe is increasingly sensitive to the need to improve its quality-safety-environment system, and the ongoing improvement of production standards cannot but focus on these three aspects which are closely interconnected.

Thanks to highly stringent in-house checks it is possible to assure excellent quality levels of the end products.

In the same way all the aspects relating to worker and workplace safety represent the true heart of the management policy.

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