Pieffe is the only company in Italy in the field of cast polyurethanes to have a machine store of 10 automatic casting machines as well as numerous stations for mixing inside semi-automatic reactors. These plants are constantly renewed and replaced in rotation with the latest technological finds in the field. In relation to this Pieffe has, since its beginnings, always aimed to use the best polyurethane casting plant manufacturers present on the international market.
As well as the casting lines there are also:

  • An elastomer compression and injection moulding line with a series of automatic presses;

  • A line for the pickling, blasting and priming of pre- vulcanizing inserts;

  • A roller coating line with a saturated steam centralized system;

  • Mechanical department with tangential and parallel finish grinding;

  • A mechanical and chemical-physical testing laboratory;

  • Raw material storage warehouse;

  • Finished product warehouse;

  • Automated small and medium sized mould warehouse;

  • Large sized mould warehouse.


Pieffe currently has a customer base of no less than 2,000 companies in Italy and the rest of the world. 35% of its total production is exported.